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Blades for Grades

The Lincoln Ice Hockey Association Board (LIHA), is proud to recognize the accomplishments of our teams and players as they represent Lincoln on the ice. Equally as important to us is your child’s education. After each semester, the LIHA Board would like to recognize association players for academic and behavioral excellence.

The “Blades for Grades” program will include students with a reported grade point average of 3.0 or higher at the end of the first semester (A=4 points, B=3 points, C=2 points). Any D’s or F’s on a report card will disqualify the player in that semester from receiving the “Blades for Grades” recognition.

The non-letter grade players, such as those attending Lincoln Public Elementary Schools, receiving a 3 or better in every subject (including behavior and work study habits) for the 1st and 2nd quarters (1st semester) will receive the “Blades for Grades” recognition item(s). Any student receiving any “2s” or “1s” on their report card will disqualify the player from receiving the “Blades for Grades” recognition.

Please submit your student’s report card(s) by February 15, 2018. (PLEASE NOTE: THE RECOGNITION FORM MUST BE INCLUDED WITH THE REPORT CARD...NO EXCEPTIONS!) LIHA will list the players on the “Blades for Grades" section of the website. The players qualifying will also receive gifts and recognition including tickets to a Lincoln Stars game.

Please email a completed recognition form and a copy or photo of the qualifying report card for each eligible skater to no later than February 15, 2018.