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Officiating Information

It's Officiating Seminar Time Again in Lincoln

Officiating Seminar Dates will be announced soon.

For details on how to become an official please follow the instructions and links below.

Want To Be An On-Ice Official?

Ice hockey in Lincoln, NE is growing. We Need YOU! All of this elevates demand for good quality on-ice officials. There will be many opportunities to grow, develop and become part of a special fraternity. Come on out, have some fun and join a special group of people, all while still being able to participate in the game you love.

Here's what you need to know about the process:

The USA Hockey Officiating Program registers, trains, tests, and certifies approximately 26,000 ice hockey officials in the United States. Officials registered with USA Hockey officiate all sanctioned games, tournaments, and other events from youth hockey to the Olympic Games. USA Hockey registers male and female officials between the ages of 11 and 70.

What you need to do: There are several steps you must take to become a registered and certified USA Hockey official.

  1. Each official must register online with USA Hockey. The registration fees vary depending on your officiating level. After you register you will receive a rulebook and a written test.
  2. To register for the officiating seminar, each official must register with the Midwest Affiliate 'Tri-State Hockey'. There is a flat affiliate fee for each official. Follow the link to access the Lincoln Seminars. Please be sure to read through the instructions at the top of the page that deals with the registration overview.
    The seminar is a day-long event and includes multimedia presentations, videos, discussions, and ice time. There are different seminars for the various levels of USA Hockey officiating. (For an explanation of the different USA Hockey Officiating levels, see our Officiating Levels page). There's a nominal fee to attend the seminar.
    *** If your are an incoming official greater than 18 years old, you will have to submit for a background screen. This can take a good bit of time, so a word of advice... get this done asap. We have to have the results of the screen before you are allowed to work games. Also, all officials are required to complete Safe-Sport Training.
  3. Complete on-line modules (to help you understand the content, it is preferable to have this done before the seminar) and attend a seminar. Online-modules are assigned once you have registered by USA Hockey at your desired officiating level and you can complete them in the comfort of your own home. Every official, whether first-timer or veteran, must attend an annual USA Hockey Officiating Seminar and complete On-line modules. Seminars are normally conducted locally in the fall, around the start of the hockey season.
  4. Written Test. Each official must take a written examination administered at the end of the seminar prior to the ice session. (For examination requirements, see our Officiating Levels page). Once you have your card, crest, and uniform, you can request game assignments!

If you are interested, please contact Chris Hadfield (LIHA Referee-in-Chief) at .

Join the Club!!!

Game Assignment Policy

The policy is as follows with regards to an unexcused no call/no show:

  • 1st missed game - you forfeit that game fee to the official that covered
  • 2nd missed game - you will be removed from your games for the remainder of that month
  • 3rd missed game - you will not be scheduled for anymore games for the remainder of the season‚Äč

‚ÄčOnce you have said you are available and I have assigned you a game, if you need to give up your game, you (the assigned official) are responsible for finding your replacement.

Ref Ranger

There have been a few questions on how people can view their schedule on Ref Ranger. If you follow this link:, use your username and password to login. After you are in, this is where you can view your schedule, search for games, request dates, cancel dates that you are unavailable and block off rinks that you are not willing to go to. Something that I failed to mention, is that after every game, is that BOTH officials need to log back in and grade each game. You can do this by going back into your schedule, find the game(s) number that you just finished (the game number will be blue) click on the game and rate each game. Also, you use this link when you have to file a game report (it will be a red icon to the left of the blue game number) if you have a Game Misconduct or Match Penalty. 

Housekeeping Issues

Once you receive your card and crest, take a picutre or scan and then EMAIL (do not send a text) a copy of your credentials to me at ( After I receive the copy of the card, I will begin scheduling you for games. If you are a returning referee, you will be able to do games with last year's card until Nov 30. After that, you will not be allowed to do games until the new card arrives.

Please be at the rink 30 minutes prior to the game to properly prepare for the game. If you cannot make a game, call me as soon as you know that you cannot make it, so I can reschedule.

If you are required to pay for parking when you arrive to do a game, you will need to make sure I know and you will be re-imbursed for your parking fee.

Please remember to stand out at the top of the referee's crease and signal in the "TV window" when reporting penalties. If there is a further need for clarification, then go to glass. With the game curfew we need to keep the games moving.

Please make sure that everyone is blowing our whistles loud enough at all stoppages during the games so that the timekeepers stop the clock at the correct times.

Not all penalties do not need further explaination or clarification to the player or coach. Let's signal the penalty, get the player to the box and keep the game going.

If you are involved in a game where a Game Misconduct is given, you must contact me immediately following the game. You (the official, assessing the penalty) will need to fill out a  game report with in 48 hrs as required.  The game report must be done on-line. Here is the link:

LIHA Game Formats

Nebraska Hockey League (NHL) Games
The teams in this league represent teams in the Squirt, PeeWee and Bantam age divisions and are from Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney. Games will be played in all three locations.

The following game format will be in effect for all NHL games in Lincoln as well as any house games that are played between Lincoln teams:

1.  All 3 periods will be 12-minute stop periods.
2.  Minor penalties will still be 2:00min and Major penalties will be 5:00min.
3.  No time outs are permitted during the game.
4.  Games that end in a tie will be recorded as a tie. There will be no overtime or shootouts.

Midwest League (MWL) Games
This year all MWL games in the PeeWee AA and all Bantam divisions will use a 3-man referee system. The Lincoln Bantam travel team is included in this rule.  The MWL tournament in mid December will use a 3-man referee system and the games will be played in 3-12min periods.

High School House Games
Periods will be 12 min. stop clock with a 2-min. warm up before the game and a 1- min. break in between periods. If game is running slow. Officials may have the third period be a running clock, where penalties will be 1:30.


Chris Hadfield is the Referee-In-Chief for the Lincoln Ice Hockey Association. If you need to reach him, please email him at .