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8U (Mite)

2021-2022 Season

LIHA is excited to announce a new structure for the 6U/8U program. By giving families options when it comes to their schedules and their budgets, we can encourage more children in the Lincoln community to try, learn, play, and enjoy the game of ice hockey.

2021-2022 FAQ

Who is eligible to play 8U?

  • Children born in 2013 through 2017 are eligible to play.

What are the 21/22 session dates?

  • Session 1: October 23 - December 18
  • Session 2: January 15 - March 5
  • Full Season: October 23 - March 5

What are the 21/22 session fees?

  • Session 1: $75
  • Session 2: $75
  • Full Season: $150
  • 8U Travel: $1,000ish after tryouts and roster announced

Can my child play a full season?

  • Yes! Just register for both Session 1 and Session 2.

Can my child play just one session?

  • Yes! Choose the session that best fits your family's schedule.

Can we register for Session 2 at a later time?

  • Yes! The deadline to register for Session 2 is December 15.

Is gear included?

  • Yes! Gear is included (except for 8U travel).

Is there any gear not provided by LIHA?

  • Mouth guard
  • Water bottle
  • Skate guards
  • Under gear/athletic cup/pelvic protector

Can my player use their own gear?

  • Yes! Players can use their own gear.

When will 8U/6U teams play/practice?

  • Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

What about 8U blue and 8U white?

  • LIHA anticipates having more than 3 teams at the 8U level.
  • Teams will be grouped by area (when possible).
  • Players will practice and play with like-skilled and same-aged players.
  • 6U will play 3 vs. 3 cross ice, no goalies.
  • 8U will play 4 vs. 4 half ice, with goalies.

What about 8U red?

  • 8U red will be a travel team with tryouts.
  • Travel will not be as far or as often as the upper-age teams.
  • LIHA hopes to field at least 1 and up to 2 teams with 9 to 10 players each, depending on registration numbers.
  • The focus will be skill development, even playing time, and a basic understanding of all positions.
  • Tryout dates were Saturday, August 21 at 2:45 p.m. and Sunday, August 22 at 9 a.m.

What about Learn to Skate?

  • Learn to Skate is now Learn to Play, and is available to kids ages 9 to 12 who have never played hockey. 
  • Learn to Play includes all gear, plus the full season on the appropriate team.
  • Kids under the age of 9 will learn to skate and play in the 8U program.

What about tournaments, jamborees, and friendlies?

  • The sessions are grouped so there will be the same or similar number of tournaments, jamborees, and/or friendlies for both sessions.

Why the change?

  • LIHA wants to grow the game of ice hockey and make it accessible for more children in the Lincoln community.
  • Offering two sessions makes it easier for families to fit hockey into their busy schedules, particularly if children participate in more than one sport and/or activity.
  • Offering a lower price and providing gear makes it easier to fit hockey into their family budget.
  • More players = more teams, more games, and more fun!

Does LIHA need coaches for the 8U program?

  • Yes! Complete a coaching application here.

Are there sponsorships available to support this innovative approach?

  • Yes! There are sponsorship opportunities to fit any budget, including the ability to sponsor an individual player. Click here for details.

For questions about the new 8U program please contact LIHA Program Expansion Director, Griffin Gale.

At the 8U level, players continue to develop fundamental movement skills, general athleticism, and begin to learn and acquire basic hockey skills (skating, puck control, passing and receiving, shooting, body contact, and goaltending). This is the time when a foundation is laid for future acquisition of more advanced movement abilities and hockey skills. A basic understanding of the game is also introduced, including rules and team concepts.

ADM Stage 2

USA Hockey's American Development Model FUNdementals Stage - Developing ABCs.